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Projects shown here were part designs all done in the last 7 years for Medical and Bio-Tech companies in the Bay Area....Clients here were enclosures parts for:.... BioRad....ThermaCycler, Ciphergen......DNA and Protein analyzer, next is....Life Measurment Inc....."PeaPod",------ credits to;  Stirling Design, Fayram Design, SMP Technology and Gary Hart Designs.
Call; Gary Hart Design at 831-239-9170

These are a few of the more interesting projects I have worked on the last couple of years. Again, most of my responsibility with was in the master CAD layout and part design for plastics.

The top project by Fayram Design were enclosure parts for BioRad's Thermo-cycler unit for a the well known Bay Area Bio-Tech company. This design was for injection molded parts was a joint effort by the project development team.

In the middle of the page was a Note Pad concept design for Xybernaut a leading wearable computer manufacturer.

Lower right are RIM parts for a Bio-Tech company, Ciphergen chemical DNA and protein analyzer. I was on contract to SMP Technology project design team in Gilroy for these projects as Solidworks CAD support.

Again, I was on contract to SMP Tech to work on the enclosure designs for this medical test equipment for a Bay Area company.